MyCar Malaysia E-hailing app



1. How do I ride with MyCar?
To use MyCar, download the MyCar app and sign up for an account. It’s quite straightforward and easy to use.


For more information please visit


2. How do I lodge a complaint against a driver?
We thank you for helping us improve our services. To lodge a complaint, please use our complaints form at  and we will reply as soon as possible.

You may also email us the details at with your booking number and we will take every step necessary to assist you.

For urgent complaints, please call 03-7661-6208.


3. I left something behind in the car. Can you help me retrieve it?
To send a request to retrieve your belongings, please use the form at  and we will assist you in contacting the driver.

For urgent complaints, please call 03-7661-6208.


4. I paid the driver Cash and my Credit Card was also charged.
To get a credit from MyCar please fill in the form at We will investigate this case with our drivers and process the refund as soon as possible.


5. I have not received my refund after filling in the online refund request.
Please call 03-7661-6208 for an immediate update on the refund status.


6. I have used the promo code but limit has been reached.
We have a limit to the number of promo codes issued for the day, you will need try again tomorrow morning.


7. How do I get an estimate fare from MyCar to my destination?
Please download the MyCar customer app and it will provide a fare estimate before you place your booking. Use the links below to sign up for an account.



1. How do I sign up as a driver?
To sign up as a driver, download the MyCar Driver app and sign up for an account.


Alternatively, you can sign up via this link:


2. I’m trying to get my PSV license. How do I sign up for MyCar PSV course?
To sign up for MyCar PSV course, please sign up with this link

Our e-learning resource centre will provide you step-by-step coursework to help you pass your PSV license with ease.


3. I am a MyCar driver and would like to purchase a new car.
MyCar can assist you in taking a loan for a new car with our MyCar-Proton partnership. Please visit to apply. You will need to be a driver with MyCar on a full time/part time basis for a minimum of 6 months and pass all background checks.

For additional information, please contact:

En Wan Mohd Shazril
+6019 7121 502 Whatapps/Call


4. I am a MyCar driver and would like to earn extra income by participating in the MyCar advertising wrap and in-car branding program.
You will earn as much as RM 200-300 per month. Please sign up for the advertising program here by providing your Registered Phone number, Name and IC


5. I have done my medical check-up. May I know when is the earliest PSV test day?
Please contact 03-7661-6208 to find out the next available PSV test day.


6. How do I transfer credit from wallet to bank account?
To receive payout into your bank account, please fill in this form You must have a minimum of RM 10 in your balance before you can do a withdrawal.


7. How long will it take for the wallet balance to be transferred to my bank account?
You will receive your payout from Wallet in 3 working days.


8. How do I change phone number?
Please call 03-76616208 for verification and support.


9. How do I change vehicle & update driving license ?
Please send the documents to


10. My passenger ran away without paying. How do I make my claims?

The case will be investigated and refund processed in 21 days if the application is successful.


1. I would like to advertise with MyCar. How do I propose my marketing campaign?
To advertise with MyCar, please visit An average MyCar driver drives an approximate 200 KM a day which will give your advertisement extensive coverage. We have approximately 70,000 drivers all around Malaysia.